PS0. The OPTION register in the PIC 16f84 microcontroller is a readable and writable register which contains various control bits to configure the TMR0/WDT prescaler, the external INT interrupt, TMR0, and the weak pull-ups on PORTB. Bits 0, 1 and 2 are the three prescaler division ratio bits for either the timer/counter module or the watchdog timer WDT, depending on which of these have been allocated for use.


To modify the count period, the timer register can be preloaded with a given To avoid this problem, the PIC 16F877A has three hardware timers (data The pre- scale select bits, and other control bits for Timer0, are found in OPTION_

Any writes to this register (i.e. clrf TMR0, movwf TMR0, bsf TMR0, X) will also clear the prescaler back to a 1:2 prescale. GPIO in PIC16F87XAFor program - in PIC16F877A is divided into 5 ports that is PORTA, PORTB, PORTC, PORTD, PORTE. We can configure a 2017-11-21 Apr 1, 2017. #1. Hello!

Option_reg register in pic16f877a

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TAKE A LOOK : PIC 16F877 – ARCHITECTURE AND MEMORY ORGANIZATION All MCU mostly use weak pull up resistors. In order to activate this in our PIC MCU we have to look into our data sheet for the OPTION_REG (option register) as shown in the snapshot below. As shown the bit 7 deals with the weak pull up resistor. It should be made zero to activate it.

PIC16F877 Timer Modules tutorials Click the link to explore the relevant bits of OPTION_REG Register. Initializing the OPTION_REG register. These bits are stored in the OPTION_REG Register.

GPIO in PIC16F87XAFor program - in PIC16F877A is divided into 5 ports that is PORTA, PORTB, PORTC, PORTD, PORTE. We can configure a

av M Söderlund · 2006 — Mikroprocessorn jag använde var en PIC16F877A från Microchip. Här är Retrieve backup of W, STATUS and PCLATH register. bsf OPTION_REG, INTEDG.

The flag bit TMR0IF of the INTCON register is automatically set every time the TMR0 register overflows. If enabled, an interrupt occurs. To count pulses: The polarity of pulses are to be counted on the RA4 pin is selected by the TOSE bit of the OPTION_REG register (T0SE: 0=positive, 1=negative pulses).

It should be made zero to activate it.

Option_reg register in pic16f877a

Mar 10, 2016 The user can work around this by writing an adjusted value to the TMR0 register. Counter mode is selected by setting bit T0CS (OPTION_REG<5>  Each timer has a register that is incremented by a clock. When the register is PS = 0b111; //Set the prescaler to 1:256 OPTION_REGbits.T0CS = 0; //Use the  Microchip – PIC series such as PIC84, PIC16F877. - Intel – 8051 OPTION_REG register contains various control bits to configure the TMR0 prescaler / WDT  (OPTION_REG<5>). In timer mode, the Timer0 mod- ule will increment every instruction cycle (without pres- caler). If the TMR0 register is written, the increment  higher bit numbers: the PIC16F877A has two 8-bit and one 16-bit timers while the PIC18F4550 The PIC16F84A datasheet describes this register as follows:.
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Timer0 Registers. The below table shows the registers associated with PIC16f877A Timer0 module. Register, Description.

The weak pull-up is automatically turned off when the port pin is configured as an output.
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bit 3: Timer 1 has a register called TMR1 register, which is 16 bits of size. The below table shows the registers associated with PIC16f877A Timer 1 module. Structure of T1CON : Bit 7 and Bit 6 (unimplemented) : Read as ‘0’ T1CKPS1:T1CKPS0 (Timer1 Input Clock Prescale Select bits) 11 = 1:8 prescale value 10 = 1:4 prescale value 01 = 1:2 prescale value PIC16F877 Ports and Registers. This article is a part of our Tutorial on PIC16F877, where this section focuses on the Input/Output ports and TRIS registers of PIC16f877.

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In Short. In order to use TMR0 properly, it is necessary: Step 1: To select mode: Timer mode is selected by the T0CS bit of the OPTION_REG register, (T0CS: 0=timer, 1=counter). When used, the prescaler should be assigned to the timer/counter by clearing the PSA bit of the OPTION_REG register.

So the best way to do it is use three digital pins for three pushbutton and combine the output of all thee button to the external INT pin. So when ever the button is pressed you can jump into the ISR and use the digital I/O pin to detect which particular button was pressed.